Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Catholic Pope and the Internet

If you are a Catholic user of the internet, take heed Pope Benedict XVI has urged young information highway surfers like you to use the internet in an intelligent manner.

The Pope firstly said (in a message which marked the Catholic Church's 45TH advent of World Communications Day) that communicating via a desktop PC is no substitute for offline encounters:

"Virtual ¦ should not be a substitute for direct human contact with people at all levels of our society."

The Pope also asked Catholics to "make good use of their presence on the net" and this would suggest that filling your hard drives with illegally collected media files is religiously frowned upon, as is watching naughty footage intended for those over the age of 18 and (assumedly) not of the catholic persuasion.

No 2 girls 1 Cup for Catholics then!

Two nuns, one Chalice instead maybe?

Pope Benedict also contended that social networking sites are now "an integral part of human life" as a part of his 45TH anniversary speech. He also urged users of the WWW communicate in ways that are "honest, open, responsible and respectful of other users."

Despite the Pope's apparent worries related to internet use, he has also admitted just how useful the WWW can be when it comes to spreading the gospel. Back in May (2010), the Holy one began to submit prayer podcasts for online for faith followers to download. -the Pope's own website - is also linked with social networking website Facebook so that the Lord's flock can share his words of wisdom easily with family and friends.

The Pope has previously warned of the addictive nature of the World Wide Web and thinks that Catholic web surfers should not get too attached to the 'net and their computer hardware and should keep real life as the focus in their lives and not let their online personas become more important/ take over.

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