Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Karen Kingsbury - Christian Review of Books

Karen Kingsbury is a book writer whop began her writings in literature when she was only five years old. She believed that her writing ability was a gift from God. After more than forty years, she was known to be the author of "Life Changing Fiction" books that have served as a source of inspiration to many people.

Kingsbury was first published when she was 27, and has released more than 40 novels to time. Her best selling series are constantly being featured in articles and journals, but what makes them different from all other fiction books distributed to the public?

Kingsbury writes Christian fiction that makes all the difference. She said that she wrote Christian fictions not for entertainment purposes neither for monetary profits. Her books are created to give moral lessons but without losing to amuse the readers. Her writings were focused to the two natural elements of our day to day lives heartaches and pain.

These two elements are her forte which give us the option to think where to go when we encounter them? Are we going to keep in touch with God or are we going to drift away from Him? Readers can easily relate to Kingsbury's books because all are derived from the real life scenario of human beings. And since she has a great faith in God, she has created a great deal of impression and respect of the people who read her books.

Karen Kingsbury herself admits that even she goes to the process of learning when she writes her books. Every time she wrote, she knows that God leads her into deeper concepts and messages that even she has not yet figured out. Perhaps God's touches in her books made them the more adored by readers.

The readers had given her the trademark of ""Life Changing Fiction" author. This is what she still upholds up to the present times as a way to convey people what her books are all about.

However, who knew that Kingsbury was not very religious herself? It was her husband who initially made her read the Bible. And from then on, her life has become closer and closer to God.

Some of Kingsbury's books are Women of Faith, Forever Faithful, Red Gloves, Redemption, September 11th, First Born, Lost Love, and many more. All of these books touched the lives of many people. Although different from one another, sill each one had created big impacts to one's life.{In her series Forever Faithful, Women of Faith, Redemption, Red Gloves, September 11th, First Born, Lost Love, and more; Kingsbury wrote to offer lessons and contents that could also help other people into finding the path that leads closest to God. Although they are individually different, all Karen Kingsbury books are all made to make an impact in our lives.~Some of Kingsbury's books are Lost Love, September 11th, Redemption, Forever Faithful, women of Faith, First Born, Red Gloves and Many others. Although different from one another, all of these have created great impacts to the lives of many people.

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