Friday, January 21, 2011

Kids' Guide to Know God

No one else is responsible for the education that our children get, but us.. And it is about God and His ways that we should focus above everything else. There is nothing wrong with giving our children some lessons on friends and school. But these will one be used at selected portions of their lives. It is the ideals they get from understanding God that will be able to guide them for every second they are alive. So now that they are still young and their minds are tender, take the opportunity and buy childrens bibles.

Well, that's why there are childrens bibles to answer that.. Just as I have said in the beginning, this type of bibles are particularly constructed for the benefit of younger ones. Their cover design and text format are fun and upbeat. They also have additional fun features that will surely keep kids actively interested. There are childerns bibles that also come with games. But of course, included are the bibles stories that all love. If you want, you can also avail of bible with graphics and illustrations. These illustrations will really be helpful if you wish your children to completely understand the setting of the text. And most importantly, the childrens bible is filled with the lessons of truth, love and goodness.

But this is not an excuse for us to not teach our children about the bible and about God. We are well aware that the best stage to teach someone about religion and beliefs is during their childhood. One of the things that we always hear being said about children is that they are "like a sponge". This is because they "absorb" all the things they observe around them. That's why teaching them about religion at their tender age would be perfect, because they are still free of opinions and prejudices that would massively affect their take on the matter. How will someone pass on to the younger generation and spread the teachings of the Lord, with no means of the bible?

The Bible has many forms and types, and among them is the childrens bible. This type of bible is more "child-friendly" than the normal type of bible that we all know about. We all know the exact ways that most children think, and the plain format of the typical bible version will no doubt bore them. Of course, most kids who are brought up in a spiritual home will really want to understand the bible, but their level of understanding will hinder them. The context of the bible is somehow too deep for them to grasp just yet.

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