Saturday, January 29, 2011

Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone by Joyce Meyer

Approval Addiction is a read that will surely wake us up from the blindness we have acquired from society. Does the line "learn to say no" ring a bell? Well, it's just about time that Meyer retells it. We should not be afraid to voice out our opinions, and we should not be afraid to fight for the things we believe in. It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, reading Approval Addiction will help you find the means to start living your life based on your own will and liking.

The reason why we are here in the this world is to help people, but not to collect praises from them. Doing good is great, and it is indeed what God wants for us to do. But doing deeds for the sake of positive views on us by others is not. We may not realize it, but we spend most of our time working to get the approval of friends, family, and even random people. But we forget who is the most important of all, the only one whose approval really matters. All that we wanted was to keep everybody else satisfied, but we did not make sure if God was satisfied with us.

This is the message that Joyce Meyer's Approval Addiction wishes to talk about. We are very much absorbed by our wanting to prove ourselves to other people, even if doing so means we have to let go of more important things. Most of us are absorbed by the wonderful sensation that we get when people approve of us, that's why we crave for them. However, Meyer says that this is an addiction that we should rid ourselves of.

Most people would definitely agree to help this stranger. From one angle you can say it is a good deed, but from another it is not. You are running late for work, remember? Refusing this person does not mean you don't want to help them, nevertheless, you choose to do so. You can look at this situation and say that you're just being selfless. But if you really look at the same situation again, you are actually being selfish. Let's say you do help this person even amidst the fact that you are running late, in the end you get something in return, which is th feeling of accomplishment. Also, you get the approval of this stranger, which again makes you feel good.

"Approval Addiction" is something that almost all of us have, and Christian author Joyce Meyer talks about how we should learn to overcome it. You may not know it right now, but you could already be a victim of this addictive behavior and you might even be spreading it without your knowledge. Let's say that you are already late for work so you are running. And then someone whom you haven't seen before comes talking to you and then asks you for a quick favor. What are you going to do?

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