Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reference Bibles - Getting One for Yourself

These are only two example of reference bibles, there are so much more available in the market and each of them also has their own line of variations as well. For every version released, you will still have to specify the type of format that you would like to acquire your reference bible. There digital formats such as audio, video and software-type bibles. There are also different covers and designs, such as large-print texts. And for different kinds of bibles, expect to see different prices as well. But the issue here is not the most expensive, most stylish, or most feature-studded version of this bible. It will be its capacity to really help you with your aim to study God's words effectively. So, if you decide to buy one of these reference bibles, pick wisely.

On the other hand, there are also other versions, such as The Dake Annotated Reference Bible. This particular bible hands out additional notes for every single page by having a three-column format. And just like stated at the start, this version has questions placed at the end of every section. This book also has a wide array of extensive uses. For instance, it offers outlines texts and topics which can be used for sermons or simple group studies. And for readers who are looking for more "language" specific learning, this version has a reliable direct translation feature for Greek and Hebrew texts.

Reference bibles have one common core; this is the original text from the Old and New Testaments of the King James Version. The then added contents of these bibles will be conditional on the publishing group that produces them. Let's take the popular Scofield Reference Bible, which was a proud produce of the Oxford University Press back in the early 1900s. For every page, this bible offers a cross-referencing section which helps users find specific passages and verse that have the same theme or lesson in them. This way, learners can jump from one book to another if they wish to take the path of a specific study theme without getting lost inside the bible. Also, the Scofield version has an integrated commentary all throughout the entire bible.

Reference bibles are the version of the bible especially made for studying purposes. As opposed to the original and typical version that we can to know, reference bibles are studded with additional features that are particularly designed to help guide readers in learning. For example, there are questions included after every portion of the bible. These questions will probe the learners to think and reflect about what they have just read in order for them to be able to test if they have really grasped the message behind the text.

Written by Diane, you might also want to checkout devotional bible.

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