Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winning the Battle in Your Mind by Joyce Meyer

In the end, Battlefield of the Mind is one astounding masterpiece. The life of Joyce Meyer itself is a strong proof of how things could be much better just by changing your thoughts with God's thoughts, and people who have read this book in the past can say the same. Meyer's easy-to-comprehend style and format are very suitable for all kinds of readers. There is no reason for us to stand the disadvantageous presence of negative thoughts, so we should really learn to incorporate God's throughout with our own. So what are you waiting for, if you want to win the battle, grab a copy of the Battlefield of the Mind now.

And although the topic is very serious, Meyer will never fail to entertain and keep you interested with her punches of humor every now and then. Let's all admit it, no matter how wonderful a book's structure and messages are, they could be really such a drag to read if they don't include fun elements. But Meyer will surely not let you get bored with her book, because mind you, her punches are not that mild.

But Meyer says that we can fight against these negative thoughts. If we only know where and from whom to derive our strength, we can win the battle in our mind. Guessing the method that the book suggests is quite easy of you have read Meyer's books before. Yes, victory can only be assured by the heavenly Father. Battle of the Mind is structured to give guidance for readers to know what they should do to seek for the only weapon that could help them through the war. Meyer gives the tools for us to search for God's words, and how we must use these words to replace the negative words that have been accumulating in our minds. As only by accepting God's messages can you really make it through the war successful.

Battlefield of the mind tells readers how they could learn to acquire full control over their thoughts. We all know the ordinary things that we encounter everyday - anger, confusion, doubts, worry, depression and anxiety. And we are also familiar with how one or all of these can affect our quality of life.. We loose our focus, we forget about our priorities, and we abandon hope altogether. In other words, we completely become miserable.

Battlefield of the Mind is written by Christian author Joyce Meyer for one purpose: to help people fight the thoughts in their minds that are bringing them down. Our minds are no doubt among the most compound things, what with their power to influence our entire disposition.

Article by Victoria, also see battlefield of the mind study guide

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