Friday, November 20, 2009

Global Verge Buzzirk Review – Does Buzzirk Have What it Takes To Work For You?

Global Verge

So Buzzirk Mobile is pushing hard to take over the face of mobile and internet communications by including:

1)    Phone
2)    No Texting Limitations
3)    No Limit to Long Distance Calls
4)    Being able to use the SAME service for broadband Internet on your Computer

No no credit checks, contracts, cell phone and Internet broadband services, which provide endless {voice and data, data and voice}. But there is more? The speed is supposed to top what is currently on the networks today!

Intriguing to think that customers will be able to use voice, text, and web services without logging their monthly mins and all offered at 1 inexpensive.

Global Verge and their ad campaign:

Buzzirk Global Verge offers cutting-edge technology that delivers a whole new kind of mobile experience. One that's not limited or typical of what you normally find in the wireless industry. Buzzirk Global Verge offers features never seen until now, services and plans that are unequaled in the industry.

So with the push to expand the business and using network marketing should be the key to this company's success. So every home business owner looking at this biz opp in terms of the product is just salivating. There hasn't been something like this to rock the network marketing world for some time.

So why are your business senses tingling then? Why isn't everyone all over this? Instead of trying to build a business around a product offering, a savvy network marketer will look deeper the possible income disclosure (what distributors actually make), business policies and procedures (P&P), and compensation plan.

The veteran marketer will dig a bit deeper into this opportunity and notice that there is a critical issue that can't be avoided.

How are business owners going to sell this business online and why would someone buy from them versus another distributor?

Not knowing HOW to position yourself from other reps is the destruction of your business online. Spamming your business replicated website and wishing people will join it is a hard way to build. Strangers run from being sold to regardless if the company is a deal of a lifetime.

Global Verge does NOT solve this issue and will discourage many reps. Business owners will question if the product really is worth selling when the product already has established itself to thousands already. So the business training is lacking in marketing this business online.

Educating yourself on HOW to promote Global Verge is just as important to a rep as if this product is right for a customer. Learning to attract your leads vs. chase them down is essential to explosive growth.

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