Friday, November 20, 2009

The Benefits Of Having Your Own Home Based Business

The unemployment rates in Western countries are going through the roof with companies laying off staff as they struggle to cope with the current financial turmoil. Losing your job or being made redundant is rarely a happy event however when it becomes a reality there is only one way that we should be thinking; in a positive manner. I know that this is easier said than done however feeling sorry for ourselves will not help the situation.

I was made redundant from a financial services corporation when I was aged twenty-two. Due to my age I was not in reality too bothered about the whole situation. I decided to think positively about the situation; in reality I did not even like the job that I was in, I found it rather boring. It has always been my goal to run my own business and this was a great opportunity for me to do this. Being made redundant turned out to be a blessing in disguise; I would probably have left the company within a few months in any case but this way they were actually paying me a redundancy package to leave!

I used this money to set up my own small business. I was going to run one-to-one stuttering therapy courses to help people to achieve fluency. I am a person who has managed to successfully overcome a stutter and I therefore felt that I had something to offer.

Working from home has many benefits as I have found to my own benefit. These include being your own boss and therefore not having to answer to other people. Choosing your own hours, choosing the amount of hours you work and the amount of holidays that you have. As an example instead of working nine to five and having to spend a further two hours travelling through the rush hour traffic, this is no longer an issue. This travel time is basically time wasted. I personally like to work late at night, where possible, as this is when I am able to concentrate to my maximum.

What I love the most about working from home is the ability to now attend all of the important days/events in my children's lives. For example attending their school sports days, the christmas play, parents evenings, the visits to the dentists. People who are "employed" have to miss a number of these events due to a lack of holiday time or a lack of flexibility at their work.

I now have partnerships in other business ventures including one offering a DVD duplication service and one offering an article submission service.

Setting up my own home based business has been the best thing that I have ever done and I would recommend other people to do the same.




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