Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CPA Or Affiliate Marketing: Your Choice

If you're new to online marketing, a lot of the terms on the internet can become confusing. For one thing, how is CPA (cost per action) different from affiliate marketing? Many people don't understand that there are significant contrasts. To understand them, we need to take a look at CPA marketing or affiliate marketing in more detail.

The biggest difference comes down to what the money goes towards. Affiliate marketing is more traditional - sellers end up buying the actual sales for their products. But with CPA, they're buying different actions - things like free trial offers or getting people to sign up with their e-mail addresses or zip codes.

You will find that there are some things that are shared between these two options - the affiliates themselves, for example. The good thing with CPA is that while you still get hits, you also let people get to know you before they buy, and they'll be more willing to invest in more when they eventually do so.

Many people working as affiliates like this because they don't have to ensure a sale - that will be left to whomever they're working with. All they need to do is get customers interested and tell them where to go. Once they've provided an audience for their client, they have nothing left to do.

Don't believe that you won't run into any problems, however. It's probably going to be a bit harder and require more of your attention if you want to get started this way. If you are an affiliate marketer yourself, you really need to make sure you understand what you're promoting and to be able to show that clearly.

This in mind, though, if you can devote yourself to the practice, you'll find there's a lot to gain from CPA. Make sure you research it fully before agreeing to anything and become familiar enough that you can do the work well and bring in the kind of profits you're looking for.

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