Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Explode Your PPL Blastoff Home Business

Many have asked me how I have managed to turn things around so quickly. I was able to go from complete financial disaster to success in a mere six month period. What I want to share with you is the power of one single little word that changed my life.  Now PPL Blastoff was not the business I was promoting at the time, but this principal applies to any business.

There is nothing super special about the word – in fact, you will probably be disappointed – but truly understanding it will make all the difference in the world. The real power comes not from the word itself, but in how you are able to internalize it and change your entire self-limiting belief systems in an instant.

Many of you will dismiss what I am saying – that’s fine, just move on because this isn’t for you – but for those that do listen, your life may be transformed. It starts with humility.  To read what I am saying and internalize it, to understand how I went from nothing to six figures in six months, well, you have to be humble enough to “listen”. Print it out. Internalize the real power of what I’m about to tell you and allow it to transform your mindset in the snap of a finger.  Whether you are promoting Blastoff PPL or any other product (MLM or not), you have to grasp this concept.

We have been taught from an early age that things have to happen slowly, that slower is better (ever heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?), but I’m here to tell you that the exact opposite is true. You truly can transform yourself in a very short time period if you are willing to question some of your long held beliefs, discard some of the limiting ones, and embrace your own commitment to success.

You see the biggest changes we can make come from within. Those changes involve redefining your fundamental belief systems and those changes can transform you in an instant, removing decades of self-imposed limitations. When it happens for you it will be as if you have been seeing in black and white all of your life and someone instantaneously shows you how to see in color for the first time. Suddenly limitations and fears just begin to melt away.

The word that I want you to redefine is the word “decide”. Doesn’t seem so special, right? But there is something that you must understand. If you research the word to its original roots, the word decide literally translates “to cut off from all other possibilities”.  Now, I want you to stop and go back and re-read that about 10 times. Think of the power that comes from a true understanding of that one little word. Think about just how much different your life could be form this day forward if you were to just totally embrace this one little word. If you didn’t stop right now and go back and reread and ponder this a bit, then you will likely just dismiss this article and get nothing out of it.

“To cut off from all other possibilities”. Can you imange what might happen if you simply decided to treat your home business like a real business rather than just your hobby?  How would that make a difference for you? What could happen if you simply decided that NOW was your time to change? What if you decided that you were no longer going to allow fear, complacency and procrastination to dominate your life? What if you decided to make today the first day of a new level of truly living your life rather than merely going through the motions?  PPL Blastoff doesn’t have to be your decision, maybe it is another program you wish to promote, but one way or another you must “decide” to move forward with massive action and resolve.

The day can come for you too, but you must decide that you desire more out of life and take action. It is my hope for you that you will be able to embrace this simple little word and DECIDE to make a difference in your life as well.

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