Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop Suffering In MLM - Take Your Business Online!

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You've got to hand it to the golden age of MLM Marketing or Network Marketing: coercing your immediate family, guidance counselor, and daytime coworkers did yield some constructive outcome:They weeded out the weak and compelled the rest of us to work on aspects of ourselves that required bolstering if we were to thrive at all in a sometimes hostile and changeable environment of the MLM Marketing industry. Network and MLM marketing with the failure rate at about 90 percent became a business of managing depression and helping people see the "good" out of all their failures.

What a difference a few years make, what with the attraction based approach to the network and MLM marketing industry, but now, like then, the MLM Marketing industry leaders are those who maintain to work on themselves and in no way break where opportunities portray themselves - both personal and professional.

Build your fortune on the foundations of Attraction Online MLM Marketing. In the 21st century of network marketing, it's time to break free from the norm. Our industry has held 97% failure rate in the past - great, so what the heck is going on here? Take a moment and re-think every thing you've tried in MLM - has it worked.

Attraction Marketing as an approach can serve you well.  Much more than a technique, consider it the alpha and omega of life, the universe, and everything.  In essence Attraction Marketing is the key to your prosperity experience and it IS the silver bullet of network marketing.Leave the failures behind and move into the 21st century. Beckon only to the hungry, the capable, and the genuinely ambitious among your kind. Right now I have a flooded inbox of leads requesting a callback as well as voice box packed with people wanting to enroll with me – this is the mind space you need to be in.

Network marketing training is changing and the industry is shifting on a HARD right.Online mlm attraction based marketing is the new big and hot topic for networkers. Understand that there is no more of the "crap" you're use to, no chasing, no cold calling, no harassing like it use to be in the past. Only when you change your mindset as well as the approach you use to sponsor people will you see a change in your inner circle / core network.

Back in the day if you talked to 10 people and showed them the plan you MIGHT get 1 new distributor. However, the online MLM Marketing systems and attraction marketing has changed all that. Now if you pick up the phone 10 times, you'll have 8 new distributors - imagine that.

This is what the top earners are focused on, so ask yourself constantly: "what am I going to do about it?" What will it take to reach the top? What do I need todo in order to make this thing work for my business? When you get to this point, the game has changed. You need to focus your MLM Marketing efforts online, It's what works, just because your upline tells you to make a list doesn't mean you have to.

Attraction marketing puts your foremost resource - you - first, and leaves harassment and supplication techniques to the chumps.

Think of network marketing as a metaphor for your entire world: if you're going to win at it, you're going to have to learn the rules, master yourself, and do whatever it takes to align actions with intentions. Confidence and a winning attitude are born of action - by persistently making decisions where everyone comes out ahead. Consider that you don't need anything from anyone, and that you get from this world precisely what you give. Give everything you've got - it in light of a plan that works - and this world is your oyster.

Your diagnostic tool for calibrating along the way is ultimately a list of operational priorities to which you intelligently adhere.

Expect nothing less of yourself.

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