Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pyramid Scheme Or Real Work At Home Business?

Before you rush for the next work at home opportunity (like a pyramid scheme for example) that comes long, do consider a few issues. The confusion lies in differentiating between the true and the fake mlm business because there is no clear cut dividing line between the two. There is not much mention of work or initial investment but it is all about how much money you will reap from time to time. One thing many are unaware of is that you never should pay to work online because you are supposed to be paid for work you do!

One type that never seems to go away are the pyramid schemes and when you receive an email to join a program free and earn money from your down line, this sounds like the easiest way to achieve it. It is in fact a nightmare because you have to sign up and then 'upgrade to a status member' by buying the product in question, whether you want it or not. Everybody involved in the pyramid scheme must buy and sponsor and keep the momentum going irrespective of whether you need the product or not or whether you feel like sponsoring or not.

Maintaining a minimum purchase volume yourself and enrolling more down lines plus motivating your network to maintain the purchase volume is actually what this business is all about. For those who join to earn a second income from the pyramid scheme, they can fall back onto their main income job but for those who depend totally on this income (having discarded their old job), the decision making presents a big ordeal of the river of no return. There are companies who offer great home based network marketing opportunities or that pay for work done on the Internet - you just have to know where to look and how to tell if they are legitimate. You can refer to other people's experience to identify a legitimate company of good standing on the internet. Enter forums too to examine the reputation of different companies before you get involved working for them.

A few years back, you may remember hearing about the problems with pyramids schemes and other types of moneymaking ideas. The structure of this type of scheme does allow 'early birds' to make money but as more people participate, those at the base of the pyramid will be forced to carry the financial burden. The question and answer are simple: who has money to buy sixty dollars worth of product that you will never use to make a few dollars?

The advertisement purposely omits the fact that people need to buy something to generate an income. Once you join you will be continuously coaxed and coerced into spending more to upgrade your status in order to start making money. There is no guarantee that others will upgrade when you upgrade and buy products so you may be the only one to do so. After waiting to make money, you will give up and be out of the business for a product you never used. If people know that only the original product owners are reaping the benefits of every pyramid scheme, then it would be easier to find real 'work at home' jobs on the internet. The need to investigate before signing up for any internet 'work from home business' jobs can be safely discounted, in the absence of pyramid scams.

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