Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don’t Be Afraid of a Layoff- Prepare for It

AmeriPlan Work At Home

Are you afraid that you might join the growing ranks of those whose jobs has been eliminated or transferred overseas to India or the Philippines?  I became an Ameriplan business owner in October 2007.You can earn immediate cash while developing a substantial, long-term residual income. 

Residual income is like compound interest.Imagine getting paid for a transaction over and over again as long as the customer's plan is in effect.  You will never again have to face the thought of a layoff. 

Why did I choose Ameriplan as my Plan B?Ameriplan, which is the largest discount dental and medical company in the country is a debt free company.You need a license to sell insurance, but Ameriplan products are not insurance ,therefore you do not need a license to sell Ameriplan products.  You can start building your business and your team the minute you sign up and get your broker number.In evaluating a business, to determine it's viability several questions should be answered.  .

The start-up cost of the business, the expected return on your investment and whether or not there is a market for your products should be considered.The Ameriplan business can be started with a minmum of $50.00.  

How much money you make is solely dependent on your activity and production. Ameriplan is not insurance, but it does provide coverage for a fraction of what COBRA cost.The fact that most employees loose their medical coverage when they loose their jobs, along with the 47 million Americans that are uninsured , should assure you that there is a market for our products. 

Imagine the soldiers that are currently fighting in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars when they retire from the military do not have dental coverage.

Money and time freedom can be gain with the Ameriplan Business opportunity. If a flexible schedule is a priority for you, please consider Ameriplan as a business opportunity.  Maybe you would like to spend more time with your family or your favorite charity, cause or church.Start your Ameriplan Business today. click here 

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