Friday, February 4, 2011

Minister Robes Is it Really Necessary to Use One?

As an appointed official of the church, it is essential that a minister wear minister robes. However, how come it is important to wear one?

Wearing robes depends on the denomination of the church. Each church has a different style of robe or color. However, what is the main purpose of the robes and why is it necessary?

Typically, you can find many purposes for the robes. First, it actually emphasizes the title of the pastor or minister and downgrades his personality as a man whenever he stands behind the pulpit.

It is essential for the personality of the individual to be downplayed and the position as representative of Christ be highlighted; the robes help to bring focus to the main object which is the worship of Christ.

Another important purpose of the robe is that it stands for the Lord himself. When a minister dons a robe, the minister is taken to represent Christ leading the people or congregation towards the Father.

Moreover, the robes create a sense of dignity and reverence whenever a church mass is held. They allow people to know that the service that's being conducted is a solemn one and thus, entails their full attention.

You can still find plenty of reasons for the usage of the robes and each church would have their special reasons as well.

Although some people might not like the idea of minister robes, there is no doubt that it is a central part of the church and will continue to be part of it for a long time to come.

Many people in the church denomination do support the wearing of minister robes. However, there are several people that also object to the idea of having one.

Some might think that the reasons they have for opposing the robes are subjective, nevertheless, there are several common factors. For example, some say that this tradition echoes Roman Catholicism too much.

As you might have noticed, even Protestant churches make use of robes in their ceremonies. Some people in these church denominations are opposing the idea of continuing to wear the robes just like what the Catholics do, especially since they have sought long and hard to detach themselves from Catholic rule.

There is also another major objection against the minister robes; people claim that they make the minister look unapproachable. This is actually opposite of the truth since the robes do make the minister more distinguishable and allowing people to know who to approach.

The robe essentially stands for itself since it helps to displace the person and instead highlights the minister's role as representative for the Lord. Being able to stand out like that allows people to approach the right person.

One important proof of this is the wardrobe and uniform worn by doctors and nurses which helps to identify their position. People can easily ask for their advice because they know who to approach.

Wearing minister robes is an essential part of the church and contributes plenty of important things to the church.

Written by Joseph. He is a guitar player in their ministry and love listening to country christian music.

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