Monday, August 3, 2009

What are Mobile Billboards Advertising?

There is a growing shift in advertising spending going on for businesses large and small.  I am not talking about advertising on the internet.  What I am talking about is doing outdoor media advertising and more specifically truck advertising.

Outdoor media advertising comes in many forms but one of the forms that is gaining much popularity is using truckside advertising.

Today a consumer has the choice in their hand of whether or not to see and hear the add. With Tivo and Satelllite radio becoming popular, the consumer can easily turn off all traditional advertising.

That is why there are a lot of businesses that are looking for other ways to advertise. They are hungry for more avenues to reach the consumer.

But not only are they begging for other ways to reach the customer, they want it to work.

Mobile billboard advertising has that advantage. It gives the advertiser a great way to have their advertisement shown without getting turned off. With the way the ad reaches the customer you can see why.

You have the businesses advertisement prominently displayed on a truckside or on a mobile billboard. Those are trucks made specifically to be a mobile billboard.

With their message boldly displayed, and appearing to them in traffic. A consumer has no choice but to read it. For an advertiser to create more brand recognition, this might be a way for them to do that.

Then when it is compared to other ways of advertising.  The mobile billboards prices are actually very competitive, if not cheaper for what you get.

Because when you think about it, your advertisment will be noticed by the consumer because of they way it is delivered.  More than likely during rush hour or when they are stuck in traffic. So the prospect is left with nothing but having to read it.  With that advantage, a businesses brand or message can easily get across.

When you understand how much is being spent on outdoor media, you realize a lot of businesses are taking advantage of its potential.  In 2004 alone, $5.8 billion dollars was spent.

So for a business in search of creative ways to get their ads out, using advertising trucks is something they should think about. 

Not the traditional, stationary mobile billboards people are used to. But something put right in the consumer's face is most definitely going to get the message across.

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