Monday, August 10, 2009

More exposure through Mobile Billboard Advertising

How do you describe a mobile billboard?  Well as most of you already know what a regular billboard is, a mobile billboard is exactly the same thing, except it is moving or mobile.

You can see it in various forms.  You can see it in San Diego truck advertising, or vehicles built specifically to carry billboards around.

Why are so many businesses using this medium to get their brand or message across to the consumer?  I have some unique insights I am going to share that I have gained from running my own mobile billboards San Diego company.

First of all, lets talk about cost.  Mobile billboards prices are actually very comparable if not better than your traditional outdoor media such as traditional billboards.

With the cost being very competitive if not better there is another advantage that weights it in it's favor.Actual views, exposures, or impressions to the prospects.

Compared to the traditional billboards that a customer could just go by it without noticing.But the way in which a mobile billboard get's it's message across, it is much more effective.And the way it is able to do that is by being in the consumer's face.  You can't just drive by it.  It is at eye level and with you in traffic

This is powerful.A prospect who is caught in traffic with an advertisement staring at them in the face can't be turned off.

That is one of the obstacles that TV and Radio face as traditional forms of advertising.With Tivo and satellite radio that many consumers have, a person could virtually never see or hear a commercial.

So going with a mobile billboard allows the business to get their message read and impressed upon the mind of the consumer.

If you want to build brand recognition as a business, there aren't too many better ways to display your ad than by showing it in beautiful color as a full color display ad.It speaks loudly for attention.And when the prospective customer is stuck in traffic with nothing better to do, you don't have to be as loud as other types of advertising.

With a lot of businesses struggling because of the economy, using mobile ads might be just the trick they need to save their business.  More leads and more customers are bound to come using this method of advertising. 

You are guaranteed exposure.  You are guaranteed to having your message heard and read.What else could an advertiser want.

You can see that it is effective by the fact that many businesses are now using it to advertise.In 2004 by itself, there was more than $5.8 billion went towards this form of advertising.With all kinds of money being spent, it must be effective.

For a lot of businesses who need that boost in getting to their customers, this could be exactly what they are looking for.

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