Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baptist Sermon: Knowing the Word of God

Keeping a firm faith as a member of a baptist church is not easy. You have to be determined and strong at all times especially at times when you are blinded by all the troubles along the way. Temptation strikes everywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is very important that as a Christian who believes in Christian faith and teachings should keep a closer look on everything. The temptation is just around the corner patiently waiting for you to falter.

As a baptist, it is a must that you listen to baptist sermons every Sunday or at least once a week. It is important that your faith is strengthened and nourished all the time. Life situations are quite tricky and if you don't keep an eye on everything you might lose the battle. There are times when the creator allows situation that we think are too heavy to carry. However, He doesn't fail to assist us because He knows everything.

As a Christian, part of the baptist sermon you should treat everyone equally. No one is greater than the other. In this world we have rich and poor. There are times when justice is not properly served. But always remember that God is a just God. He knows what is happening even if you think no one knows or witness. Justice will be served in His time. Therefore, if you think you are misjudged or prejudged, no worries God has His own plan for you. In His time, everything will fall into its rightful place.

Christians do not only believe in what is written in the Bible. They also practice it. They walk the talk. Most of them do outreach programs to help foundations or families who find it hard to live life especially when it comes to their socio-economic status. In this way, baptist church members will be able to appreciate life more as they interact with people from different walks of life. They will be able to fully strengthen their faith with God knowing that they are blessed to have more and reach out to these people who need more of their attention.

Moreover, when you have the passion to help others the happiness that your will experience inside is different. You are giving without expecting anything in return. But always remember God is watching and He will be the one who will repay you and your church for the kindness you have shown to His people.

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