Friday, February 24, 2012

Baptist Church: Notion with Baptism

It is vital that when visiting, consistently attending, or joining a church, one is completely apprised in the churchs distinct beliefs. One of the largest methods the baptist church differs from some others is their view of baptism.

The baptist church Lexington believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. They strictly go through the teachings in the New Testament concerning the sacrament of baptism that is definitely by means of immersion. There are many points over the baptist churchs belief regarding baptism that are supported with the bible verses. Let us discuss each:

1. Only Believers can absolutely be baptized. This means that anyone who is not a believer might not participate in the sacrament of baptism. This refers to babies and kids or adults who may have not yet come up with a declaration of Faith. Once the child gets older or perhaps the adult makes a open public declaration of faith, they are then publicly baptized for the objective of outwardly symbolizing and affirming the inner alternation in the allegiance of their hearts. This is explained in Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:14-16 and Acts 8:36-37.

2. Baptism is going to be done through immersion. Contrary on the belief of many other denominations on baptism, that is done through pouring or sprinkling of water, the baptists believe in immersion. The word baptize comes from the Greek word, baptizein that when translated in English means immersion. While there aren't any passages that assist pouring or sprinkling, Matthew 3:16 supports the complete immersion, in which, Jesus himself is clearly immersed by John the Baptist. Moreover, Acts 8:37-38 writes about how Philip takes the eunuch down into the water while he baptizes him.

3. Baptism is actually a requirement for salvation. Baptism is a testimony that the one receiving the sacrament has recently received Jesus Christ as his Savior. Baptism is actually a symbolic picture of the death (letting go of self-righteousness and claiming Christs righteousness), funeral (becoming entirely immersed in the water) and also resurrection (returning up from out of the water) of Jesus Christ, who's the salvation around the world. This belief is grounded in the scripture seen in Romans 6:4-5 and Colossians 2:12.

4. Baptism is a requirement for Church membership. Those that have made a profession of faith, but who may have not really been baptized, may not end up members of a Baptist Church. It has to be noted however that church membership is not a requirement for salvation. This aspect comes from the book of Acts, specifically in Acts 2:14 and Acts 8:27-28. It is published that the church adhered to the order of salvation, baptism, and finally ending in complete church membership.

The above points are universal on the baptist denomination in general such as the independent fundamental baptist. They are precisely what unites and what's standard in every baptist churches.

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