Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lord offers Hope via the Sacrament of being baptized

Special report written by Frances Watson of infobarrel com.

Harmony is something that does not hang around, even for two people, God, nature, the list goes on. Giving into the temptation of the serpent, our first ancestors did "turn away from God, their Creator, in disobedience and pride, thus, rejecting God's friendship." Their disobedience prompted immediate consequences. They became aware that they were naked. At the sound of God in the garden, they ran and hid.

In modern society, sin is not only about the action itself, but also about the fear and shame of being found out. They felt separation from God and people. Adam felt it was God's fault that he had sinned. It was implied that he would not have sinned if it were not for the woman. The sacrament of baptism does eliminate someone being alienated from nature.

Adam and Eve is the root of all sin on earth. Being brought in to existence was the deity's present for the people, but sinning created a situation where making harmonious efforts with Earth and the other creatures a bitter grappling. For the first time, humankind experienced death. Sinning makes us dead to holiness. The sin committed by Adam and Eve passed to their successors.

The many sources of man as moral evil include the account of Cain and Abel, the story of the great flood, as well as the infidelities of the Chosen People against God the Covenant. When sin first made its mark in human history; it spread to a universal scope. Adam and Eve the originators of mankind were provided the blessing of knowing God. Even so, God put them in paradise as a way of showing their awareness of God. They were created in a primary condition of sanctity and righteousness.

The original blessing bestowed on us was the ability to participate in divine life. But man as they were meant to be, their form, their harmony with themselves and with God, was lost due to original sin. God still loves with grace, even surrounded with sin. Though to be sure, the "curses" that followed the first people for their sin should not be seen as punishments meted out by God. They are simply intended to exemplify the disorder that sin creates.

When we enter this world, this original sin is present at birth. The account in Genesis of the fall is a message of hope in the midst of chaos and sin. God loves all of us so very much, that he gives us hope each day to be part of him again, and to again be clean and wearing his garments once more. Earth can be reestablished, through Sacrament of Baptism, as it allows the midst of the sin, for man's eventual harmony with God.

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