Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Lexington

There are about several groups belong to the Baptist religion nowadays. Although in any religion they do believe in God Almighty, however the traditions and practices may vary but they belong to the Baptist Group. Most Baptist believers adapt the doctrine of adult baptism. They oppose the practice of infant baptism and sprinkling of water. Instead they accept the tradition of adult baptism by immersion.

Baptist may sometimes refer to belonging in the group of Protestants. But Baptist believers do not accept this and be labeled as such. As based in history that Baptist congregations were never came from protesters who left out of the Roman Catholic Church. So, calling or considering them as Protestants is unacceptable. But in reality most Baptists left from the Protestant Congregation and build their own worship place and called as baptist church.

Baptists believe and strictly follow the New Testament. The term Baptist was referring to baptistes which symbolizes John the Baptist and the act of baptizo which means to immerse. This is why they adapt the doctrine of adult baptism by fully immersing the person in water. Baptist Church is a group of believers and considers themselves as strong followers presented in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. In Lexington, Kentucky area alone, there are many baptist church Lexington which serve the residents and offer worship services, Sunday school and even Christian counseling.

Mount Olivet Baptist Church that serves the community of Lexington belongs to the Independent Fundamental Baptist. It is considered as an independent fundamental baptist Church. Independent means that the church can stand alone and is not a member or associated with any other council or congregation and even in any other Baptist group. By believing that Christ is the head of the church and follows the teaching of the New Testament the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church can in any way stand by itself. The term fundamental strictly uses only the New Testament as their basis of doctrines and practices.

The true teachings based in the New Testament are what an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church believes in. They use the term Independent and Fundamental to be able to give distinction from the true Baptist believers from the so-called Baptists that in a way believes and practice false doctrines. Even if they have the same group name-Baptist but each one has its own way of preaching, following several doctrines and different practices.

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