Saturday, March 31, 2012

Understanding The Dynamics Of The Male Psyche After A Break Up

A breakup is never easy. And it is never easier to win your ex back especially if the breakup was ugly. Most people are clueless on what to do after a bad breakup that they resort to messing things up even more. What you have to understand on how to get your ex boyfriend back is that your guy will never want to carry the burden of emotion or feel guilty because you look damaged.

What girls fail to understand is that guys never want to be accountable for hurting someone's feelings. They never want to be the reason why the girl is broken and damaged after the relationship has ended. Never want the feeling of guilt. Showing your guy that you have stooped down to the level of being a pathetic loser will simply drive him away. If he sees that you have lost self-worth, he will convince himself that it's not his fault. In order to do this, he will increase the space between the two of you in order not to be reminded that that the relationship ended with you getting damaged.

Never tell him that you need him, never beg for him to come back, and never ever tell him that your life is meaningless without him. Do not cling, do not show loss of self-respect, and do not show dependence. If you want him to respect you, respect yourself first.

Never offer him of having the leverage to take over the relationship while you become his doormat. This never helps. Damaged goods have low market value. Never show you have lost everything and look like you have zero value. Guys always look at their girlfriend's market value.

Never shower your ex with gifts, flood his inbox with messages and be all over his Facebook. Give him the space that he wants. He will later on realize that this space that he so called needs is empty and cold. Get a makeover, make yourself look good and follow these tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

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