Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scientology and Christianity

How are Scientology and Christianity similar? How are they totally different? A standard response to people saying that Scientology is a cult is to say that Christianity started as a cult. Does this lead a person to see the opposite similarities? I think it does, and this brief article is an try to answer these questions.

How are Scientology and Christianity similar? The answer is simple. L. Ron Hubbard and Jesus Christ are similar. Jesus Christ talked about huge society reforms and the non secular essence of the human being, L. Ron Hubbard talked concerning the society in place being corrupt and the non secular being. Moreover, each were persecuted by the government and the people they tried to help.

Also, Jesus and L. Ron are similar in that they're each surrounded by controversy. There are countless theories about Jesus and his mortality and his relationship with Mary Magdalene. He additionally causes controversy whereas he was alive when he acknowledged that he was the Son of God. L. Ron Hubbard additionally was involved with controversy when his wife and 10 others were indicted by the FBI for infiltrating government offices. There are theories about him living on a ship with solely young boys as well.

After the founders died, each religions suffered what they perceived as ignorant persecution. Romans persecuted Christians because they thought they were cannibals who ate the flesh and drank the blood of their savior. Scientologists understand their persecution as people who distribute sacred documents that must be saved from the public.

The argument might be made that Scientology and Christianity are similar in these respects. Nonetheless, these arguments are fully wrong.

Scientology is totally totally different from Christianity. Jesus Christ gained followers because he was thought of to be the Messiah, and he had many prophecies to fall back on to indicate his legitimacy. L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who made up stuff for a living. It's logical to imagine that he did the identical factor for Dianetics.

Christians were persecuted when people didn't know all of the information about their religion. That wasn't their fault; they needed to hide their faith because they were persecuted for spreading it. Even Jesus was killed because of what he said. Scientologists, however, are criticized because they attempt to preserve their dogma from the public. Whereas Christianity spreads its views freely, the Church of Scientology calls for a payment before one can know the religion.

Jesus Christ additionally talked about loving thy enemy and to turn the opposite cheek. L. Ron Hubbard taught that if one is attacked, they need to assault back. This is prevalent within the Honest Game policy he made up.

Also, Christianity was primarily based on the determine of Jesus Christ, an almost mythological determine in at present's world, who carried out miracles and resurrected from the dead. All that L. Ron Hubbard did was write a ebook, which is something he had executed before given his profession. There was on no account something sacred about his life. The one factor near being sacred was that he walked by way of a wall of fireplace to learn the reality of Xenu.

Also, the Church of Scientology actively shuts down people's web sites for saying crucial issues concerning the Church of Scientology. Christianity would don't have anything to do with such a blatant disregard for human rights and free speech.

This article was mainly written because people reply to the accusation of Scientology being a cult by saying that Christianity was as soon as thought of a cult. I've discovered this assertion unsettling and disgraceful.

The truth is, Scientology is predicated on a science fiction writer's ebook that was made to make money. Christianity was created as a way to reside peacefully and was not created for profit.

Since I believe that Christianity is totally totally different from Scientology, does it mean that I believe that Scientology is fallacious? Of course not. If people need to believe in Scientology, I've no problem with that. I do, nevertheless, believe that just because Scientology might be compared to Christianity, it does not imply that it's right.

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