Friday, November 11, 2011

Choose a Purpose Driven Churches

At this day and age, it is essential to choose a church which provides you with purpose: knowing where you are going in your journey towards strengthening your faith in God. Pentecostal churches in Lexington KY are purpose driven churches which can help you and your family strengthen your faith in our Father through His presence. They can also lead back those who have strayed away and heal those who are sick, spiritually and physically. They aim to keep families closer through the power of the Holy Spirit, through various activities which will involve the entire family as well as the community.

Pentecostal Churches in Lexington KY have programs available for each member of their church, from kids, married couples, to single members who may be seeking love or has dedicated their lives to a calling. These programs are meant to strengthen family bonds between mother, father and children, or between husband and wife. They are also meant to showcase the talents of young Christian members, as this is the ultimate expression of God's gifts to them. Apart from that, there are activities that are meant to immerse them into His presence, like Bible Reading and sharing, where members can share their feelings, insights and experiences to the crowd.

Compared to other churches which promote the message of "Come and be condemned", Pentecostal churches in Lexington KY support an entirely different message and outlook: that there's hope and salvation for everybody. Through their purpose and presence-driven ministry, members have experienced healing and salvation from their own personal demons: addiction, suicidal tendencies, and abuse. They have not only become recipients of God's grace and gifts, but they have also become vehicles of God's power. They have also made families develop an even stronger relationship with each other and with God.

The good thing about Pentecostal churches in Lexington KY is that they are also available on Sundays. They understand that due to their hectic schedules, they can only attend services on Sundays. The best thing about their services is that they are led with such transparency and issues regarding matters that could affect the church and the community are duly discussed.

Apart from that, the ministers and pastors also share their thoughts and insights apart from reading the Bible, in comparison to other churches. In this way, the members are inspired to become more active in the Church and the community.

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