Saturday, March 19, 2011

Legal Ramifications of Online Ordination As A Marriage Cleric

A lot folks become ordained online in order to perform a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member. Others do it for private grounds. Whatsoever the reason, many thinking about online ordination wonder if it is legal. In most cases, the answer is indubitably.

Legal codes about marriages and who may legally perform a wedding, vary from state to state. You can explore your state code online, or you can check with the county clerks department in the county where the nuptials is to take place. Generally, the county clerk is responsible for supplying marriage licenses ahead of the wedding and for processing finalized documents folowing the ceremony. The county clerk often can answer questions about who can or cannot officiate a nuptials.

Nearly all state legal codes do not make a distinction between a wedding officiant who has been ordained by a seminary or other religious college and one that has been ordained online. As long as the person performing the nuptials is a clergy member, he or she can legally officiate wddings in most places. Some states may have age or residency regulations for wedding officiants, others might call for a dispatch from the governing body of the church, several counties require notarized documents, and yet others can call for another clergyperson to sponsor the new clergyperson.

In General, it is best to explore state legal codes or to check with the county clerks department as soon as you think you might be officiating a ceremony. Do not wait until a few weeks or, worse, a couple days before a planned wedding to become familiar with the local legal codes. In the event that credentials are needed, or forms must be filled out,you'll want to allow plenty of time. The couple is depending on their wedding officiant and you wouldn't want to let them down days before the nuptials.

Most find that they enjoy officiating weddings. Marrying two people in love and participating in a family's most jubilant and special day can be a sweet experience. Some officiants see fit to turn this affair into a small business, officiating marriage ceremonies on weekends and holding a day job during the week. Still others turn it into a full time job, officiating a few marriage ceremonies per week and branching out into other ceremonies, like babynaming and funerals.

Online ordination is a good option for those wishing to officiate a wedding for friends of loved ones. It is normally quite simple. Nearly all web sites simply require the applicant to answer a form and maybe answer to an email. Nearly all do not oblige the applicant to take any type of test or acquiesce to a particular belief system. In most cases, it is without charge, fast, easy, and legal. Just be sure to double check local legal codes well before the big day and have fun.

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