Monday, December 27, 2010

The Importantance of Church Candles

Church candles are one of the more important things that are used in church ceremonies and the Church religion. They are usually taken to represent many things about the Christian faith. For example, the Catholics hold the candle as representative of the body of Jesus Christ.

In most Christian baptisms, the candle is taken to symbolize the person's passage into receiving and being baptized by the light of the Lord.

In weddings, you have two candles lit by the couple's mothers representing their union. These are just some of the uses of candles during church worship and celebrations.

Using candles as a way that represents the light in the path of darkness has been something that's inculcated in the Christian viewpoint as something that's significant in the unbeliever's transition into walking with the Lord.

Moreover, the candles are not only taken to symbolize the light of the Lord, but it also symbolizes the Lord's love.

All kinds of denomination use the church candles. Some have a preference as to the kind of candle they like to use for their church or services they perform.

Take the Catholic Church, for example, they prefer to use candles that are at the very least, 51 percent beeswax. If it was an Orthodox church, they usually require that the church candles be made from 100 percent beeswax.

Beeswax is a pricey ingredient. Because of this, the stubs of these beeswax candles are usually recycled and made into new candles. On the other hand, some denominations only require that candles be organic.

One ideal church candle used by other sects would be the vegetable wax candles. They are very efficient since these candles burn cleanly, have long burning hours plus they are relatively inexpensive.

Making use of church candles has been a tradition for thousands of years. The same candles that we use today for different ceremonies and activities were also used in equally important celebrations in the past.

Let's check out how these important candles evolved and how they were used during ancient times.

Originally, Egyptians used candles to conduct exorcisms, find treasures or perform other rituals. The use of church candles was not exactly a welcome thought to the Roman Catholic Church.

The church was hesitant since it was a primary tool in pagan religions. However, the 4th century arrived and it slowly integrated the use of candles in Christian rituals.

By this time, it was admitted to the church, however, despite of this, they were still prohibited from being used in the altar since it also had strong associations with witchcraft.

It wasn't until the Middle Ages when the Church decided to bless and consecrate candles. This was then used for blessings as well as absolving sins and driving out demons.

Usage for candles has certainly come from a long way. People have used candles in so many ways and for such a long time that it has become intertwined with our everyday lives as well as special occasions. Moreover, church candles have a great active part in our faith and will continue to do so for as long as we want it to be.

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